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Friday, August 28, 2009

Only One Angel ?

Nope they aren't Angels but I think they are almost as sweet.
You know me & color... Well working with oil pastels I'm finding is a little challenging. I can't tell you how much paper I've wasted playing with them. Actually I don't feel it was wasted just the price of practice. I've gone through a bunch of it. I haven't really worked with them much so I've been having fun. If any of you have any tips on using oil pastels I'd love to hear them! I guess I am on a crayon/oil pastel kick for some reason. I listed these on Ebay today with a starting bid of only $0.99. They are soft & pretty. Look so much better in person. I think they would be really pretty framed, especially with a black mat. Click here to put your bid in! I have them listed for only 5 days because I will be out of town next Friday. I'm so excited, but not as excited as my Hubby is. We are going to Las Vegas to see the Circus Soliel LOVE Beatles show. He has wanted to see that since it opened. We are meeting friends there then driving to their house to visit for a day or so.

I went & played with my little JJ (the only Angel in this post) yesterday and had so much fun. His mom gave me a facial too so it was a really nice day. She got her license a few weeks ago. I'm very proud of her. I guess I was so relaxed that I could hardly keep my eyes open driving home. I hate that don't you? I got lots of slobbery kisses and loved every minute of it. He was playing the piano today at a friends house. I don't think there is any doubt that we are gonna have another musician in the house.


granmamimi said...

Oh Janet, JJ has grown so much! Is he walking yet?
I envy you going on this trip! It should be so fun,I just hope they come southeast someday soon!
Have a grand time and be safe!

Campbell Jane said...

They grow up so fast! He's not only walking he's dancing and running!

Janine said...

I like the vibrant colours of your paintíngs

Christina Colwell said...

I love the use of oil pastels. I like using them myself and I think you have inspired me.

The youngun, JJ?, is a cutie too. Your love life?

sandy petals said...

I love the oil pastels. I have never been successful using them, but there is just something about them that makes me want to try again everytime I see them. LOL
The girls look sweet! But JJ, well the girls don't stand a chance being in the same post.

twistedangel said...

I prefer the water-soluble oil pastels coz you get to have the washed effect with a little stroke of wet wcolor brush and the unique clumpy texture of pastels. I used to layer the colors thickly then cover them in black pastel, afterwhich I would use the tip of my clip of any object that can scratch toetch designs that would reveal the color beneath.