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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Plants, Pickles & My Little Peep

Ok I've got to brag a little. You gardeners out there are probably gonna laugh, but hey this is quite an accomplishment for me with my purple thumb! You have no idea really. Remember this post? I started these pickles from seeds and now look at them! I've already picked 2 pickles! They are the tiny pickling kind and are so yummy sliced up in my ice water. If you haven't tried that, you should it's so refreshing & good. I'm addicted to it. Cucumber in ice water - my drug of choice right now. I have a lot on the vine now so maybe I will get to pick a bunch @ once. I also planted some thyme, sage & oregano. I have no idea what I'm going to do with all the sage but the oregano I will be using to make my famous Chimichurri, which is olive oil, Italian parsley, oregano, garlic & jalapeno. I have some hollyhocks I planted in a little pot and have to figure out where to plant them in the yard. I love hollyhocks, their height & beauty, but best of all they grow no matter what, I can't kill them easily! Like the smiley rock I painted? I thought it was pretty funny. I thought it could make me feel better if my plants didn't grow. LOL I want to plant something that has big leaves so that I can play with concrete. I am itching to try this project I saw on youtube!

I haven't been able to create any art this past week while watching JJ but I've sure had a blast with him. I am was worried I wouldn't get to see him for a while and he came back today! So I will be gettin' busy tomorrow for sure. On Sunday my hubby & his band played at Windwalker Winery for their annual members' picnic. I took JJ with me & we stayed for a little while. He was so darn cute dancing to the music! It was a beautiful day and the drive up is so nice. I did sneak a taste of their Barbera and Oh My was it fantastic! This is the cutest age. It's hard not to kiss him constantly.


Poetic Artist said...

Your garden has grown. I have not tried the cucumber in water.
I did the concrete leaves a few years ago..They turned out beautiful.

sandy petals said...

I'm so proud! snif snif, as I wipe tears of joy from my cheeks. I knew all you needed was encourageent ( ok, ok constant nagging.) Now maybe you will begin to like gardening just a little.

Anonymous said...

Janet - that is really neat - I've been thinking about playing with concrete canvasses for awhile now and now I think I might. jj is quite the little man!

KarenSloan-WallFlowerStudio said...

Janet, that is wonderful! I'd like to try growing those too!
Your garden is coming along beautifully. : )