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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday Sweet Sunday

You think it was the devil that made me make these devil food & fudge frosting cupcakes today or a sudden visit from the sweet tooth fairy? It's 100+ degrees outside and I have the oven on; baking something that we probably will eat just one of around here; so I'll have to share some. Can you freeze cupcakes? I made cupcakes for JJ's birthday a few weeks ago and that was probably the first time in over 5 or 6 years at the very least. I do love cake decorating and will make a cake once in a while but I'm not a big baker. I'm more of a cook, feel like a short order cook sometimes, but I don't mind. I love to cook almost as much as I love to paint & craft.

When my boys were growing up our Saturdays weren't cartoon filled mornings, it was Yan Can Cook, Julia Childs, Jacques Pepin, Burt Wolf and any other cooking or travel show that came on PBS, in the days long before the Food Network. Watching the Food Network is another story in itself. We are all Food Network/Travel Channel addicts. One son is like me, he loves to cook & is so good he could be a chef if he wanted to be; the other son is the baker in the family. He has the sweetest tooth I've ever seen, used to have to hide the sugar jar from him and rarely gains any weight. Now how is that fair?

I have a shelf that runs along the top of my entire studio which is 80% cookbooks. I can't pass one by at yard sales, thrift stores & bookstores. I have found some awesome cookbooks at thrift stores. My mom & sister will even pick them up for me sometimes when they find something special. I even have a few from the late 1800's which are fun to go through sometimes. I wrote & made a cookbook for Christmas presents several years ago. I keep small notebooks in the kitchen when I am cooking so that I can write down the recipes I create. I read the book Julie & Julia a few years ago and I'm looking forward to seeing the movie. If you've seen it please tell me it's good!

I had visits with 2 friends this weekend. It was so nice. With one, we talked mostly about Art non-stop, and with the other we mostly talked about how great God is non-stop. So it's been a Sweet weekend! Hope yours was sweet too!


sandy petals said...

It all sounds fabulous!

Lisa said...

Sounds like the perfect weekend. I have one son who used to watch Project Runway marathons with me on the weekends. Fun!

Poetic Shutterbug said...

Sounds like the perfect weekend when you can share with friends and enjoy.

Joe said...

Remember that old cookbook I found with the old 1900's piece of paper with a handwritten recipe on it!?