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Thursday, September 3, 2009

What?! Wow!

Yes Wow! A blog award created to recognize me!! Can you think of anything sweeter than that? I can't right now!!! Please go to TJ's blog to read all about it and what she wrote. It's so beautiful. You will love TJ & her art too. She loves color as much as I do. Her pieces are whimsical eye candy. I will definitely be passing this along as soon as I get back next week.
We leave for Vegas at 3am in the morning. I very excited to spend time with friends that I dearly love. We don't really gamble but it's gonna be awfully tempting now after spending $600 at the Toyota dealership yesterday, just to see if we could re-coop that money. haha But ya know that saying What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas? Well I think what really happens is your money stays there & is the price you pay for your secrets to stay there too! LOL We took my car in for it's regular checkup (had a $100 off coupon for it too) & hubby wanted to get it checked out after my recent cross country trip. They said they found other things that needed fixing. Don't they always? I love my little Matrix though and will keep it until it is completely unfixable. Even though it's small, it's roomy, my 6 ft+ guys can sit in the back w/o their knees touching the back of the front seats, an entire drum kit fits in the back & it's fun to drive.

I've been working on this large painting all week. I still have lots of work to do on it. So far she's not an Angel. Maybe if I turn her into an Angel she'll come together? haha She started off like a Japanese Geisha, then morphed into a Spanish Senorita. A Bullfighter's bride? Her face has changed at least 5 times and I am in the process of changing it again. The shape, the eyes... Painting large canvases is a real challenge for me unless they are super large, those are fun. I prefer painting smaller pieces but I had the canvas so I thought I'd use it. I keep plugging along but really I'm getting to the point of giving up and starting something new instead of spending anymore time & paint on her.

Have a great holiday weekend! Peace & Love ;)


Poetic Shutterbug said...

Very cool :)

granmamimi said...

I really like the new painting you are working on..especially the hat, of course!
Received my angel today..what more can I say..happy, delightful!
Hope you have a "grand trip"; a little bit of suttleness here, "Grand" Las Vegas...LOL
Have fun,

koe whitton-williams said...

J - have a fun trip. The painting is coming together. . . even as the woman changes and changes. Very nice.

Poetic Artist said...

She looks like a special angel to me. Have fun this weekend.

storybeader said...

love your morphing lady - she's real pretty. Have fun in Vegas... hope you win the lottery... {:-D

Theresa said...

Lovely painting and look forward to seeing it finished.

Try to stick to the penny machines in Vegas. They don't build those fancy hotel/casinos because people win! Have a great time.

sandy petals said...

Wow! A blog award created just for you! I think it is wonderful! I like your new painting too. Hope you have fun in Vegas.

dayana said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.