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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Drama Drama Drama!

... Here is a sneak peek of my "Drama Queen". She has caused me some drama too! Made me feel crazy! haha Do you remember, the story I posted about how this piece literally scared me one night while working on her, so much so that I had to bolt out of the room? I changed her expression a little & crown that previously had curled points, to this sweeter version. The curly crown made her really scary. I have worked on here in bit & pieces but haven't been able to stay still enough with her to finish her. This morning when I opened the door to my little studio she seemed to smile at me. She seemed sweet, not scary, like a "Happy Soul", so I picked her up and decided today was her day. She is a 12"x 12" on canvas with thick 1.5" sides like Concessions & Northwind. I have some more work to do on that crown, shadows, bits here & there. I hope to hope to finish her later this evening or in the wee hours of morning, if she causes no more drama! ;)

A Big Shout Out & Thank you! goes to LostSentiments, ChocolateDogStudio, & FriendlyFairies for including my art in their wonderful Etsy Treasuries! Just click on their names and you will be taken right to their shops. I just posted a new Black & White Collection on Sometimes Things Are Just Black & White and listed some new Aura Angel Greeting Cards in my shop.


Ayala Art said...

She's looking great and very fancy! I'm looking forward to see the final pic.

C said...

hahahahahahahha! Your own painting scared you and made you run away???? HAHAHHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! :D :D

I'm afraid of clowns, too.

I must say, when I looked at your painting and read the title "Drama Queen" - I laughed out loud!!!!! :D

Lisa - Alterity Button Jewelry said...

I give you a lot of credit painting clowns....I would be bolting from the studio EVERY time I painted her! she is lovely, though, but clowns still freak me out :)

Lisa - Alterity Button Jewelry said...

You Won! You Won! Contact me with your email address so I can email you to get your physical address! Get to me by Sunday :)