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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

That's Entertainment ! ?

Who's watching "Work of Art" with me? Are you loving this show? I wish I had the guts to try out for it just to play with all the free art supplies! I'm not comfortable when a camera is anywhere near me & have knee trembling fear of public speaking so being on a tv show is not in the cards for me. When I started showing my art & this blog I felt so vulnerable, putting myself out there like this, showing my underwear so to speak, not so easy for me, so I can't imagine how I could ever survive being on national tv. I have been known to surprise myself though, but it doesn't matter, I'd already be a goner! Last week's "A Shock To The System" challenge was just nasty. I would have definitely been eliminated, maybe for not eliminating? Eeee Uuuuu LOL Really Bravo? Your highly paid writers or judges couldn't think of a better challenge with so many different forms of art to chose from? You had to go to there? I'm thinking this challenge was a distasteful attempt to get ratings & water cooler fodder. Obviously the ladder worked coz here I am talking about it! The pieces the Contestants created weren't as shocking as Bravo picking "Shock Art" to "entertain" us with. Finding it offensive is part of it's purpose, which then qualifies it as art because you are offended by it. Right? Ok I get it but still...really Bravo? The guest artist, Andres Serrano wanted so badly for someone to poop on something that he appeared genuinely disappointed that they didn't. (Funny that Andres nor the judges mentioned the fact & seemed clueless that Miles had ejaculated on his piece) Yes, you read that right. Andres' claim to fame piece of art is a crucifix with Christ submerged in his own urine. I personally find it offensive, sacrilegious, but even so I can't argue that it's not art. True art or social commentary? What do you think? I will be very disappointed if Bravo keeps their challenges on the dark side. I'll still watch it, but not sure I'll still love it. Entertain me Bravo! It's not that hard! LOL
A Big Shout Out goes to CreativeCastaways for including my art in her wonderful Etsy Treasury! Thank you!


Joji said...

I have been watching faithfully, even the repeats. I too was dissapointed in last weeks challenge. I get it..I just don't care for it. But thats what makes art so intriging. Its different for everyone. Can't wait for tonights show. I wish they would show more of the process each artist goes through. Maybe a 2 hour show..LOL I guess that makes me obsessed.

Jennifer Williams "Blueskysunburn" said...

personally i think those that are doing "shock art" just do it as a cry for attention.

i was disappointed with last weeks show.hopefully this week will be a little better.

Jaime Haney aka ArtsyFartsy.Me said...

oh my gosh, I am hooked on it too! I have the episode you are referring too here recorded and have not yet watched it. I got the idea it would be gross from the previews. I'm with you, I find it in VERY POOR TASTE the crucifix in urine. Come on, is that the best he could do? I too find it sacrilegious and wouldn't want to be standing in front of Christ having to answer to that one.

I think I have already decided I just don't like Miles and from what you said he did on the last episode just puts the nail in the coffin so to speak. I could do without all the drama they try to inject... I just love seeing other artists processes and the challenges. I could never do anything like this either. I have to say I hope they continue with the show, but change it up a bit, whatever happend to art for art's sake? Why does it have to mean something?

I think the judges look like a bunch of stuck up "I'm better than you" types that make up all kinds of B.S. when critiquing the work and the artists are standing there like "uh, yeah! that's what it's supposed to mean" pullllleeeezzzze. give me a break.

Well, sorry, I've managed to rant too much, I should've just posted this on my blog! haha

But I am anxiously awaiting the next episode... hee hee!

Beth said...

I'm watching!

I actually found the shock art challenge interesting, mostly thanks to the people who chose to go intellectual with it instead of just gross. And, really, stars on nudie pics of yourself? Why didn't she just stand out there naked? :: shakes head :: Really done with her.

Ayala Art said...

Art is supposed to move you, but I don't agree that moving in ANY direction is good. Negative, shocking, offending are not the directions I consider artful, but yeah, that will make people talk.
I have not seen that challenge, but will look for it and most likely won't change my mind about it :oD

And as for judging art... only will win what the judges prefer. Like always! Art is very personal and subjective, hard to judge unless it is by well applied technique??

storybeader said...

I just started watching it - got it recorded, and saw three the first day... it was during vacation!

Is anyone else taking on the challenges?

Campbell Jane said...

Wouldn't that be fun to do the challenges!