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Friday, July 9, 2010

The 1930's Fashionistas...

...almost had it right! Who knew they were already thinking of climate changes & cell phones?!

I wish my "skirts have disappeared entirely" & I could use one of those electric belts about now! LOL I found this crazy video while working on Sometimes Things Are Just Black & White.
Last Tuesday I DvR'd "Double Exposure" and finally watched it last night. I found it channel surfin' on Tuesday. I didn't know the show existed so I missed the first 3 episodes. Snap! I think I'm hooked. I'm looking forward to The Rachel Zoe Project too. And to think I couldn't imagine what I was gonna do without LOST & Saving Grace!
A BIG SHOUT OUT goes to Sarah at Christian Artist Street Team on Etsy for featuring my Sunflower Angel! Also to Allison Strine Designs for including my Angel In A Big Bow in her wonderful Etsy Treasury entitled "Why Can't We Just Get Along".
Tonight my youngest son is playing at The Boardwalk. I'll be heading to the show in a little while. Tomorrow is 2nd Saturday in Sacramento. I'll be at the Marco Fuoco Gallery and hope to gallery hop a bit.
Hope you make it a fun weekend too!


Gloria said...

That's an interesting video. Personally I think that everything we are doing at this time in our lifes has and was already done so very long ago. I feel like we are just repeating everything again. Sounds weird huh? It's how I feel though. Sometimes I think that besides God watching us, there are other forms of life that have been there, done that. Well I don't always think this way, I just felt like being a little mellow dramatic. Tee Hee. Who knew? hehehe. Have fun at the gallery tomorrow and tonight when you go see your son. Have a great weekend.

sandy petals said...

I love that video! You have quite the knack for finding things. Hope you have a great weekend at the gallery show and the boardwalk too. Sounds wonderful!

Cynthia said...

What a great little video! Loved it! Wonder what they'll be wearing in 2080...hopefully not haz-mat suits!