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Monday, July 19, 2010

Ring Ring!

Who is it? ...Destiny?... I've been expecting your call .... LOL Ok I have been watching too much BOLT lately. I gotta say I am in love with that hamster Rhino! You can see a the little video of him on the left. I've been totally stealing his lines. I may not be ready for Last Comic Standing but I have come up with some pretty good ones lately using his lines. hahaha I am just discovering this movie because of my little JJ.
I'm not a cartoon person. Even as a child I didn't watch a lot of cartoons. As an adult I can appreciate the art of cartoons but still find them hard to endure. It amazes me that The Simpsons have been on as long as it has or is it still on? I can count on one hand how many times I've watched the show. I would have loved the show more if it was real actors but real actors couldn't get away with what a cartoon can. I get it. Are you gasping? What? No Disney movies? Yes that's right. Not into it. If I've watched them it's because the guys wanted to watch, even the oldest guy :) The cartoon world is magically tolerable & disgustingly exciting, "I'm disgusted, I disgust myself", says the cat in the movie Bolt & says me when I'm in Disneyland, the happiest place on earth! hahaha But the minute I snap back to reality buyer's remorse for any "souvenir" purchase quickly sets in. And those tidbits, basically papers *tickets, brochures, etc...* that I have to take home, swear I'll scrapbook, quickly get shoved in the bin or in a stack of stuff that's not to be touched in at least a couple of years. Mikey's lost him charm. Kind of like some of the contents of my purses that I have to lug around, until I switch to a new one, then it's left behind. Sometimes it's cool finding stuff that didn't make the transfer. Am I the only one who does this? Ok I'm gonna clean out all my purses after this post. hahaha So it may seem strange that my love of portraits & my big pushes of artistic encouragement with portraits are owed in part to my dad & an ex-Disney Art Director Walt Sorensen. My dad babysat while I was in Walt's class, and he refused to let me talk myself out of going to his class. Yes that was a big deal! My dad's support of my art has been much more encouraging than he knows and other people may realize.
I actually painted today! Felt good. This weekend I worked on some new bookmarks which I will be listing soon. I listed some Angels on paper on Ebay for a starting bid of $0.99! The first time I've done this. My advise from many was not to do this but I need to make room for new things. I need to paint more and space is limited. So I'm considering it a sale and I am trusting in the Lord. He can do what he will with me & my Angels! I am blessed. Ring Ring! Destiny? Are you waiting for a call? LOL


Graceful Moments said...

What a great dad to babysit for you so that you could go study under Walt Sorensen.
I'm not much into cartoons either...although I always liked Foghorn Leghorn...I have never watched The Simpsons or The Family Guy and I'm pretty sure I haven't missed anything. Hope your angels do well on Ebay. Blessings, Vicki

sandy petals said...

Gotta Love the Dad right! I usually find rocks in my purses. For some strange reason, I pick them up without realizing it. Loved this post and your Angels are all amazing.

Ayala Art said...

I have never watched the Simpsons, not planning to either. I know the music theme (which resembles so much to "Maria" from the "West side story") Some cartoons are plain weird and no really meant for kids, even coming from Disney! heheh