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Monday, February 4, 2013

Big Studio Sale!

All of a seems like all of a sudden, I have way too much stuff.  While I was down & out,  it was out of sight, out of mind. Now that I am able to get back to work, all of this stuff is bogging me down.  You know me, in addition to painting I have to try every craft there is and I love to sew so I poppin at the seams.  I sent my sister a picture of my studio just so she would believe me when I said "It looks like a bomb went off in there".  I could tell she was shocked & that was only 1/2 of the view! I think the mess got bigger the more I started organizing!
I am listing lots of ACEOs on Ebay & some things on Etsy that were created as trials for larger pieces, for commissions, or just for fun and for one reason or another I didn't list it or like it. 

Freckles & Florals
I listed these on Ebay with a starting bid of $.99! They were done in acrylic paint but I used the acrylic paints more like a watercolor, very light washes. There are several, you can check them out
or bid if you like by clicking on the picture.
Meet another Happy Soul...
"Lester Lightstringer"
-Nothing shocks him-
I just listed this fun guy on Etsy.
This summer my best friend gave me an embroidery sewing machine. I have been having fun with that whenever I have been able. I love making bags & upcycling ready made garments.  I am had so much fun re-constructing this robe...

It started out as a boring but new Jones of NY robe. Big thanks to Carolina at The Empress for her inspiration & lesson.  I plan to do lots more of this it's so much fun. The 50's lady I stamped on the fabric. The angel I printed on the fabric.   The sewing machine will embroider out designs and I am mostly having fun doing free-motion with it! In my recent travels I found a vintage Guess jean jacket that I am working on now. 
Thanks for stopping by! Create A Great Day!

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