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Friday, February 15, 2013

Daily Devotion

 I decided am going to try and do a painting a day as part of my daily devotion. I haven't been able to paint so it feels really good.  I might need a new blow dryer :)  I normally let each coat dry naturally but to finish one in a day there has to be some heat involved.  That's the beauty of acrylic paint; it dries so fast, that is also exactly what I used to hate about acrylic paint. 

Today for my devotional painting I finished an Angel on a wooden cigar box lid that started literally a few years ago. Devotion ... hum... could be stubborness. haha I have painted on this box top several times, never happy with the outcome. There are even reminents of glitter once upon a time, underneath the paint, now adding a little texture. I left the gold clasp on it for a bow or to hang it up by. I left the cigar box label intact on the inside. She's a little different in that she is smiling on both sides of her face.
With his feathers he will cover you, under his wings you will find safety.
His truth is your shield and armor. Psalm 91:4
I encourage you to join me in creating a little piece of art as part of your daily devotion & I would love to see your pieces!
Create a great day!

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