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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Happy New Year Again!

Chinese New Year starts Feb 10th. When I'm not painting I'm sewing or have some kind of needle in my hand. I have so much fabric it's shameful. I decided I better start doing something with it or else... This is the project I just finished and can't wait to start the next one! Some of my next projects may include painted fabric or some of my art printed on fabric.

"Happy New Year"
A beautiful butterfly soars & red Chinese lanterns flutter in the wind over a quaint Chinese village celebrating the New Year.
I was inspired by a piece of designer fabric by Kaufmann, a Chinese Toile.  It started a daydream. The print looks like a rural chinese festival & tea party.
I started with a vintage GUESS George Marciano denim jacket I was lucky to find at the local 2nd hand store.

I cut red circles out of fabric then bleached a portion of them for the bottom of the lanterns. Free motion embroidery was used to attach the strings & to complete the lanterns. I added sequins & rhinestones. A pretty blue denim butterfly was on a piece of fabric my sister had sent me that matched perfect! I added it for a little perspective. We are soaring over the festival! I attached  the entire piece as close to the seam as possible with a black machine blanket stitch. The lanterns swing from strings of vintage black velvet that has a glitter print that just twinkles in the light, sequins & diamond like rhinestones top the lanterns.  I used different colored sequins for the strings of the lanterns.  I had put a butterfly at the top of the jacket too but I ended up removing it.  Maybe I will make me one too, I would wear it to San Francisco when we go have Dim Sum!
I hope this inspires you to dive right in & cut something up!
Happy Chinese New Year!


Gloria in CA said...

Excellent work. Love your creation. Video was great too. Hope all is well with you and nice to see you posting again. Have a great weekend.

Campbell Jane said...

Thanks so much sweet Gloria!! You are a ray of sunshine! Create a great day!