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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dodged That Bullet!

I went to a new dentist today. I can't express how relieved I am to have that over with and find out that I like Dr. Forrest Boozer. Isn't that a great name?! I bit my tongue and didn't tease him, though it was tempting. I'm sure he gets that a lot and I already feel sorry enough for him for getting me as a new patient. I liked him and the girls in the office so much I might actually start feeling better about going to the dentist. I'm so bad. I wouldn't want me for a patient. I can take the needle but I can't take the drill. My jaw is tightening even typing about it. My whole body shakes uncontrollably and I hold my breath too. He has sedation but I would try to be brave without it, and probably couldn't afford it, so he might need to be using that on himself after he's done with me. haha But I dodged that bullet. I'm good. No cavities! Hey Mom look no cavities! (geez am I dating myself now) I've been putting off going because I hate it so much but I couldn't put it off any longer, I have a few really sensitive teeth. I was expecting the worse. Such a big relief, no drilling, root canals, crowns, I'm good! They put fluoride on my sensitive areas and I hope that works. They became super sensitive shortly after using an over the counter whitening product on them. Going to the dentist, even when I just have a cleaning, it is a big source of anxiety, I fret over it, put it off, and I have often canceled out at the last minute. I was told that I have a little mouth and they said they could even put that in writing! I should have had them do that so I could post it! LOL I love art but this is definitely out of the question for me...and a grill...forget about it!

Tooth art & photo was found at Fun is 2 Cool.

A Big Shout Out goes to Sweet Heart Studio for including my Angel Cat in her adorable Cat & Mouse Etsy Treasury!


KarenSloan-WallFlowerStudio said...

Oh, Janet, your post left me laughing outloud! How I wish we lived closer together! : )
Poor Dentist, such a name! I'm sure you're a better patient than you give yourself credit for. But, I can relate. The sound of a drill causes an anxiety attack in me, and I've also cancelled appointments!
Wanted to let you know the Eagle has landed! Maypops have arrived, and you have my enduring friendship! So excited to get planting the Purple Passion vine! Shall let you know of any progress!
Love the teeth pictures ; ) Just great!


Long ago my friend Samm said to my all toasted from tequila, "I have the best girlfriend in the world but, she needs a new grill". Classic! ;P

Denise said...

That's so funny...when you mentioned that they told you you had a small mouth. My dentist told me the same thing. I let her know that I would be informing my husband of that as soon as I got home. :)

Jaime Haney aka ArtsyFartsy.Me said...

this post is too funny. I think most of us can relate. my dentist, whom I've gone to since I was like 6, used to tell me to raise my finger if it got too much... ha ha I used to practically disjoint my finger raising it so high! I could see my hair shaking (bangs). Glad you're cavity free and I remember that commercial too. ;)

Ruth said...

Lucky you, I didn't go to the dentist for about 7 years, finally went because I had a filling that broke and was told I had six cavities! Yeesh! I don't do the commercial whitening products, I'm a baking soda and salt girl myself.

Harry-Rami Itie said...

Nice the art

Bev said...

Hi there...i just have to laugh because i stumbled on to your site through the usual one blog leading to another....i live in placerville and go to church in cameron park, so when i saw your mentioning of dr. forrest boozer, i thought it was such a small world moment! my husband and i always said if that was our last name, we would have changed it...have a blessed day!!

Anti Aging said...

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