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Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Downtown Day

My piece "The Clearing" was chosen to be in Tanget Gallery's show! This is my 2nd time to be chosen to be in one of their shows and I'm so flattered. I can't wait to see all the pieces in this show. The piece on the poster gets me all excited! I am taking my painting downtown to the gallery today and then headed to a Swell Sister meeting. Masako Yniguez is our guest speaker tonight. I am looking forward to hearing her speak.

I wanted take my camera with me to take some shots here and there, but alas, I am sitting here blogging with my hair in curlers. Allergies have me feeling tired & flu-ish. The reason I wanted to take some pictures was that I have this big 7 ft hollow core door in the garage that I wanted to paint a whimsical piece of Sacramento on that popped into my head one day. I have it roughly sketched out but haven't started painting. I want to see a couple of places downtown not just remember them in my head. I just know that door is on borrowed time down there. I'm sure it won't be long and Hubby will have it in the shed or worse, headed to the dumps, so I have to start working on it. I plan to incorporate some of my bees into the piece for the upcoming Bee show that I will be participating in, if it's not too big. You can see some details Here. Laurelin Gilmore is fabulous artist & a Swell Sister of mine. She has been working very hard on getting this show off the ground.
My new Angel... I'm having fun playing around with a little different layering technique.

"No Worries"

A Big Shout Out goes to SammysGrammy for including one of my Angels in her Angelic Etsy Treasury. Click Here to see.


Jaime Haney aka ArtsyFartsy.Me said...

That is soooo great! Congratulations!!

My husband is the same way, he gets it in his head that stuff has to be thrown out and head for the cans or the dump instead of recycling it into something creative... even though it may take me a while to come up with something. As a matter of fact just yesterday i pulled out a perfectly good drawer out of the trash. I know I can use that for something! dang men.

I'd love to see you in curlers... hee hee

Christina Colwell said...

Way to go. Your art is beautiful Sure to amke an impression.

Poetic Artist said...

Congrats..That would be exciting.
I love the new colors you used.
I know I am the same. I have several old doors in the gargage..
I just know one day they will have a purpose..LOL

Anonymous said...

Awesome!!!! congrats!

sandy petals said...

She is Awesome! I love the colors in this one.