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Monday, March 1, 2010

Work In Progress

Here's that sneak peek of the Drama Queen. Yes I'm still working on it. After it scared me and I changed the evil crown, I just sort of left it all by it's lonesome in a corner. I worked on it some today but still have lots to do, this is basically the first layer, and thought I finished this Angel. There are a couple more tweeks I need to do to it, that I always notice after I see it on the computer for some reason. I will be listing her tomorrow but not sure where yet. I'm checking on some new online venues. Check out my Zazzle store I just opened! If you would like a particular piece of my art on something just shoot me an email."Secrets"
A Big Shout Out goes to Sweet Heart Studio for featuring my Swimmer in her wonderful Etsy Treasury! Check it out here. An Ocean of pretty things.


Anonymous said...

Okay, girlie, time to drop the clown thing and get to the fish thing...I get scared every time I visit your blog (as she waits for IT to appear in the living room holding a bunch of baloons waving at me.....)

Campbell Jane said...

LOL! Clowns freak me out too. This may be the last one if I ever get it finished!

Poetic Artist said...

I have to agree clowns are not our friends..They scare me too. We might have to rescue from the clowns..LOL.
Take care.

Jennifer said...

Some new online venues... that sounds interesting! :) Congrats on the wonderful treasury!!

Graceful Moments said...

I used to love clowns but now they often seem a bit sinister.
I saw your swimmer in Catherine's treasury. She is wonderful and is actually making an appearance in my favorites on my blog at the moment ...right hand side.

Campbell Jane said...
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Campbell Jane said...

Wow Thank You Graceful Moments! Clowns do scare me. It has been fun painting them though and a little self therapy. This piece did scare me. See my previous post "On a Mission" 9/29/09