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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Happy Anniversary...

...Happy Anniversary to my greatest guy! I love you!
Sorry I am not posting a Ta Da today, but I have a good one for next Thursday and I am thinking peacocks may be involved.  Today is our anniversary. I won't say how many years because if I typed that out I would feel old all day & I don't want that today! hahaha  Let's just say it's more than 1/2 my life. (My husband took me to my high school prom.)  Sometimes when people ask what's the "secret" to being together so long; we, or I fumble for an answer. But here's the answer, this is what I'll say next time ~  Love, Forgiveness & The Golden Rule, that's it, I think :)  We didn't plan anything big this year, just kicking it, going out to dinner & maybe a movie.

.  Last week he took me on a  sweet spontaneous impromptu day trip to Daffodil Hill.  

Pretty awesome. We had the best time.  In the many years we have lived here we have never been and it's close by.  Getting to go through Sutter Creek is always a bonus. I love that little gold town. The daffodils were beautiful.  Did they bloom  a little early? If so, it was probably because of the wonky weather, there were a lot of dead heads. The place is so huge and there are so many varieties that there still was masses blooming so it was not disappointing.  I got a lot of inspiration from that little day trip.  The place was so country cute and I loved the peacocks. I had recently embroidered a beautiful peacock on vintage turquoise tiny ribbed corduroy fabric and now that I have some photos.... humm...   I painted a little "Inchie" with tiny tiny daffodils.  I had not heard of "inchies" until my sister started making fairy gardens and working with miniatures.  You know my favorite paintings are ACEOs so I had to try painting some "inchies"!  Here's one I started. This is the first coat of an acrylic wash on watercolor paper.  It measures 1" x 1".  I am going to come up with some fun ways to use them other than doll houses.  Maybe an "Inchie" book of some sort for a collection? If you have any ideas I'd love to hear them. 
Instead of roses I got beautiful daffodils and believe me that was just as much if not more romantic than roses! 
If I don't kill them first, we can enjoy them next year on our anniversary too! 

I love daffodils.  Isn't yellow the happiest of colors?! 


Sheena Elaine Magdaraog said...

Nice post! I love daffodils as well! I really love your photos! Yellow is my favorite color too.

I also have a blog, please check it
if you like.

Sheena Elaine Magdaraog said...
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Campbell Jane said...

I have a little Cannon Powershot A2300, a gift, thanks to my Mom & Sister. It's small & light, just right for taking places, especially if you are walking. I agree it takes pretty nice pictures.

Jaime Haney said...

Happy Belated Anniversary! April 3rd was my mom and dad's anniversary, too! Daffodil Hill looks so charming. I do love all that yellow! Your tiny little inchie is sweet. My grandmother used to collect miniatures and she would've loved this for over a fireplace or on a wall in her miniature rooms.

Wishing you and your sweetie many more blessed years together. My 20th is coming up in May. Where does the time go?

xo xo

MeOfCourse said...

Yes, Happy Belated Anniversary. Love those donkeys.:)