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Friday, April 25, 2014

On My Easel...

Another oval work in progress, last oval canvas...I think I will be buying more! 
(I have to use a maginifying glass at times)
and this is a 4 x 6" piece of paper and I am putting all my left over paint from my pallet on from the top piece to the 2nd piece, just willy nilly I say. I had a bunch of turquoise I mixed up and didn't want to waste it.  Blue, green, touch of yellow, white & touch of black, yep black.  For skin tone I usually mix green & red together then add white & maybe a touch of yellow or burnt sienna. 
This is NOT finished! She looks like she has a shiner, or a really dark side.  I do like to make my faces with 2 sides, 2 different expressions but now she kinda scares me. hahaha  Hold your hand over 1/2 of her face and you will see what I mean.  See the difference in my style from one to the other? The oval I started with a white canvas with a red wash. The paper was waiting to be painted & was already painted black.  When I paint with a white canvas, my painting seems much more delicate, I take my time, I draw it out, I plan it in my head, doing light washes or light scruffing over the last.   My brain doesn't work that way, however, with an initial black canvas, I usually don't draw anything. It's like I see backwards.  I'm more free too, whacking the paint any which a way.   I would love to do a class. I have had several people say that if I did they would buy it.  Lord knows I can use the money but beyond that it would be cool to be able to share what I have learned with other Artist who may be just getting started. I had an opportunity to participate in Soul Food but I wasn't ready and I actually don't know how to make a video or class and I'm shy and extremely critical of myself in nearly every way.  My sister helps me with that.  So any tips to making a video or class is appreciated! Here is another I have started on a large 36 x 20". I began with a white canvas and just randomly wash, splatter, scrape, squirt, rub, scrub & paint. 
 I'm a little stuck at this point. So I have been painting the ovals, and doing these painted ACEO Zentangles or Zendoodles... 
This is my newest I am working on, not yet finished or listed.  I draw these with ink then paint them. Lots of fun.  What is so fun about them is the Lord looks different, yet the same in every little painting!   I have lots that are drawn out, as well as some other pieces on paper, I'm guessing 20ish.  It feels good to be painting again but there are days when I don't know where to start!  

Sorry I didn't post a "Ta Da" this week.  It's been a rough one. I didn't take the time to put it together & take all the pictures. I just lost myself in housework & paint.  My BFF lost her mother and may have cancer again.  Please say prayers for my Layne. 
Thanks for stopping by & God Bless!


MeOfCourse said...

Sorry about you bff's Mother and Layne too. ::healing thoughts being sent::
Hi CJ. Your work is always awesome and this is no different. No matter how you start, it always ends good. I haven't used my pepper roaster yet and it won't be for a while because they are barely coming out and hopefully won't be eaten by that darn gopher we have in our yard. Have a wonderful weekend and glad to hear you'll be joining PPF. You don't have to do it every week, just when you can and you'll enjoy the visits you get too. Take care.

Campbell Jane said...

Thank you Gloria. I appreciate your prayers!

Jaime Haney said...

I just love looking at your paintings Jana. I have noticed the different sides of their faces before, but maybe not as dramatic as this one. She almost looks like you started to make her a clown face, as some of your others do. Maybe it's her alter ego? haha... either way I rather like the darker side of her and didn't think it looked like a shiner until you pointed it out. She just looks mysterious, in a good way ;)

I really think you could handle a class. I would love to take it, if I were only closer. I'd be your cheerleader :) As far as your videos go, just Google simple video making and you'll be amazed at all the info out there. I know of artists that even do it with their smart phones. You don't need anything fancy, just some kind of recorder and a tripod. You can do it!!

I'm so sorry to hear about Layne. A trying time for her, no doubt and you. I know how she feels about losing her mother and I feel for her. I can't imagine her having to use all the strength that she had left to battle cancer again. It's been four and a half years for me and it is still raw. I am sending prayers for all of you and hoping her cancer is not back.

big hugs, Jaime

Campbell Jane said...

Jaime you are too sweet to me! Thank you for your prayers. I will do some research on a class. Thanks for the shot in the arm :) Have a wonderful day!

Campbell Jane said...

Thanks so much Gloria for your prayers. I can't wait to see your peppers and salsa. You tempt me with your cooking so much I want to stop by your house on one of my trips down to Layne's house. hahaha