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Friday, April 4, 2014

What's On My Easel...

...Easter Bunnies!...
I started doing these "bunnies" as zentangles while I was watching tv.  My sister got me zendoodling and it's hard to stop. Most that I have done are ACEOs, my favorite.  I have lots of them and I plan to list them for sale on Ebay (Click HERE) and maybe a few in my Etsy shop (Click HERE).  These I drew with pencil and then painted them lightly with just craft Americana paint with lots of water, like watercolors, except the the bunny with the black background, on heavy watercolor paper. I'm playing with acrylic paint on watercolor paper before investing in serious watercolor paint.  What can I say, I love acrylic paint. Years ago I only painted with oils and couldn't imagine myself saying that. I have grown to love them. You can see the texture of the watercolor paper in these photos.

I am currently painting "Seek and Ye Shall Find" which is a fun one! 
Blessings & Have a great weekend!


MeOfCourse said...

I love your very cute bunnies. Great job as always. Hope you are doing well. Happy Spring.

Jaime Haney said...

Loving your little red headed beauties. They look perfect with the black and white striped shirts, so french-y looking ;)

I'm not too much on watercolor, I prefer acrylic too. I can't hardly even force myself to paint with subtle colors, although I have seen some very vibrant watercolors produced.

I hope you had a lovely Easter :)