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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Baby & Bling

Happy Birthday to my oldest baby Joe! I love you!

On Mondays I am watching my little JJ, my oldest baby's baby and 1st grandson. He is growing up so fast. I think he's so cute it's hard not to kiss him constantly. I am gettin' it while the gettin' is good though while he can't say quit kissing me Gramma! haha I don't have many toys over here and he is now holding things and starting to play a little. So I had to make this "redneck" baby rattle. Or maybe I should say "alternative toy". haha It's a plastic chicken bouillon jar with a few dried garbanzo beans in it! He loves that thing! Go figure!
We did our 1st art project together. I painted his feet with red paint and stamped his feet on canvas paper. I let him hold the paint brush long enough to make some strokes on the paper too and stamped Happy Birthday Daddy on it. I put it in a nice mat & frame. My son said it chocked him up when he opened it. Awwww Sorry I didn't take a picture of it but did take a few shots of my little JJ, my angel.
I would like to thank Casa De Boneca for giving me a blog award! More bling for my blog! I have to nominate people to pass it out so I will have to think about who that will be and will get that posted soon. The rules are in spanish so I have written to Boneca for translation so I can post the correct rules.
Today I am working on more bookmarks. I am having a lot of fun making them. I am using my artwork on them and scriptures. I plan to start some more kitty cat paintings as well. I haven't done any of those for a while and I'm just in the mood. Etsy and Ebay are very slow at the moment, but out of the two, regardless of the high fees, I may have to list more things on Ebay. At least on Ebay I know how much I may have coming in on a given week if things sell. If I wasn't trying to sell my own art, I would be gobbling up lots of great art right now, and at great prices - more gettin' while the gettin' s good!


Joe said...

Thanks again Mom, for such a beautiful, wonderful gift!

SandyCarlson said...

What a baby! Kiss him a million times a visit!