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Friday, January 9, 2009

What's Cooking...

Yesterday I made chicken mole' tamales, then made some more today and sent them home with my oldest son. I taught him how to make them. I know it won't be long and his will be better than mine. He's an excellent cook and would make a fine chef. In my house, before the creation of the Food Network, our Saturdays were filled watching PBS cooking shows & travel shows like Burt Wolf's. My boys would rather watch those than cartoons. My oldest son is a cook, my youngest son is a baker. Just one of their many talents. Anyway, he asked if I watched Anthony Bourdain the other night on his Mexico trip. He went to Mexico with a Mexican man that now has his old job. Turns out we both did and talked about the mole' made the really old fashioned way. The mole' made in that episode took 24 hours! He said let's do it and I do believe he'd would actually stay up with me to make it too. Mine takes about an hour to make but it's really good if I say so myself. My secret is Valrhona le Noir Extra Amer 85% cacao chocolate. So around 10pm I got a text msg which said " hey mom just like the guy on Anthony's show I think my mom is the best cook in the world". AWWWWWW *sniffle* He must have been snacking on those tamales! hahaha

I also spent time praying for my niece today. She is in the hospital and we almost lost her. She's only 18. I got a call early this evening that she is doing better and her condition is stable now. Prayers are being answered. My heart is breaking for her.

Tomorrow is Sacramento's 2nd Saturday Art Walk and my husband and I are going to 3 galleries to support 3 artist friends and maybe to a little get together party after. I love going downtown. Wish we had bought a house down there sometimes. But I HATE driving downtown. It's all one-way streets and for some reason I get turned around, lost and really nervous. I peel my hands off the steering wheel when I get to where I'm going. I'm looking forward to seeing all the art. It's almost like that feeling you get when you're on your way to a concert!

I have been designing some angel bookmarks and will be finishing them, taking photos and possibly listing them tomorrow during the day depending on what tomorrow brings. I will be listing them on Etsy. I'll post a picture when they are finished.

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Diane Vogel Ferri said...

I really love your art - the angel faces are stunning. I'll visit again soon too!