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Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Little Creek On The Corner

My husband and 2 poodles, Roadie & Reeda took a walk this morning. I brought along my camera to take a picture of the creek we walk over which is just a block from my home. Most of the banks are covered with wild blackberries and in the spring it's really pretty. When my little brother Jimmy the Fisherman came to visit he took a couple of walks to get out of the house. After one of his walks he asked me if I had a round hoop and some netting. We scrounged through my collection of bits and pieces saved over the years to my husband's dismay. We found a wire circular ring which I had saved who knows how long because I figured I could use it for something one day. Then we found some hot pink tulle netting. I have no idea where I got that from but if it's fabric related I have to save it. (ok so it's not just jars I have a problem with!) He found some fishing line in a tackle box from the 70's that is only a garage decoration. I had no idea what he was doing. He said he was "making something". He grabbed a hot dog and left. An hour or so passed and in walks Jimmy with a bucket full of crawdads! We were all in shock & awe of him! We cooked them up and had a little crawdad party on the patio. The kids felt a little creepy about eating them at first but they are just like me and will try anything once. The next day Jimmy walked us all down to the creek and showed us how to catch them with what I thought was a craft project! Every time I walk by the creek I wonder how many crawdads I could catch.

This is a picture of me on the little bridge over the creek this morning.
The photo is not altered just cropped a little.
I guess my aura is red today! Weird.


redchair said...

Hello Fair Artist of little creeks and pretty things,

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storybeader said...

very inventive, that brother of yours! It's a beautiful view - wish I had a creek and bridge new my house... It's a little dry in SW Oklahoma... {:-Deb

Laura said...

How fun I love crawdads!