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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Revamping & Hanging Out

I had an angel painting for sale and I removed the listing today. Every time I saw her she bothered me, I guess she was just telling me she wasn't really finished. She didn't like her hair and the background color. haha So I started working on her and she is turning out so much better. She's still not finished yet. I would paint a little, hang out a little, do a little something, then hang out some more, it's been one of those days.

I rearranged & revamped my dining room and can't believe I didn't have it like that before. Why didn't I? Weird I say. It's so much better and I have so much more room in there now. I could have a big party and the light fixture actually hangs properly over the center of the table. I took the leaves out of the table that had been in it since Thanksgiving. That was my big accomplishment for the day.

We watched the movie Righteous Kill tonight. I didn't really want to watch it. I don't like really violent movies and with De Niro & Pacino I knew it would no doubt be a little violent. They both make great bad guys don't they?! I watched anyway and surprisingly I liked it. It was violent but it sucked me in. I love a movie with a twist too but it's not a movie that I would watch twice. I must say that those two guys are awesome and still sexy in my book. I'm a fan of them both.

After the movie my husband was channel surfin' and stopped on Austin City Limits. This man with white hair was playing guitar and singing. When I walked into the room he asked if I knew who that was. He had a smile on his face like he knew I wasn't going to get it. I listened, I stared. The voice was so familiar but his face..... I hated to give in but I couldn't for the life of me place him. When he told me it was Nick Lowe I was flabbergasted! The first thing I said was "do we look that old and just don't know it?" and from the kitchen the kids shout out "NO!" Whew! I had to look up and see how old he is. Yes thank goodness he's way older than us. In our younger days we wore out his album that we had. He still has an amazing voice and if he came to town I would want to go see him.

I revamped my blog and removed the post from yesterday. A poem and painting that I had done. The poem was intended solely to describe how words can deeply hurt people. It took a long time to write and I was actually proud of it, however, it was dark and not a pleasant happy poem. It made people feel uncomfortable. Part of me really like that about it, but ok it wasn't my perky self. Maybe I should start another blog for those kind of post!

Tomorrow is Super Bowl and my husband is already mourning the loss of the football season. He has to work tomorrow but they have nice flat screens in his office so he'll get to watch it. I'll have it on but honestly, and this is a secret, I don't really get all the rules & technicalities. My husband lights up every time I ask him something about it. We watched a football show today (4 guys talking, I don't have a clue what the name of it is) and I have to say I thought it was really funny. They played scenes from games where guys mess up and the bit was called "C'mon Man". I laughed a lot and my husband may have had a glimmer of hope that I may start watching football with him on a regular basis. Seriously I don't think that's gonna happen. I do admire the football players, their talent, their fearlessness and all the work they go through to play. They are our gladiators. I watch sometimes but I rarely sit through an entire game. I'm looking forward to seeing all the commercials tomorrow. The one second commercials everyone is talking about seem like they would be a form of subliminal advertising to me. We'll see. If I wake up in the middle of the night wanting a Budweiser or needing to Fed Ex something I'll know it worked! haha Have a great day tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

I'm really sad that you removed the post from the other day. Having many facets is what makes someone interesting. You are a special person. All sides of you.
The poem, the art, the post.. reminded me of

Stormee said...

I like your blog. You are really a great writer, I like the story about the angel. That happens to me sometimes with me art. It will bug me until I go back and do what it says. I am glad that I am not the only one that it happens to.