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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Birthday Bash BBQ Weekend!

My birthday weekend was so much fun! The kids came over on Saturday. We had a big bbq dinner, hung out on the patio listening to music & laughed all day. Then Sunday I tried something new for my birthday dinner/Father's Day dinner, which always makes an occasion memorable."Bulgogi", a Korean beef dish. I used an apple (you can use a kiwi instead) in the marinade & I cooked it in a wok on the bbq instead of grilling it because it was so thinly sliced. The meat was so juicy from the marinade that when I started to fry it the pan started filling up with juice, so I added in the marinade too after the meat was cooked. If you are Korean, I know you are probably thinking that doesn't look right, I made it all wrong, but we loved it! We ate it with rice & lettuce. I would definitely make it again. I had bought the thinly sliced rib eye steaks from the Asian Market that I frequent & on the package it said it was sliced for "Bulgogi", so I looked it up & tried it. You know me & peppers...well I would have liked the Bulgogi better had it been spicy. haha It was fun trying something different & new.

I didn't get socks...hahaha. This week I will be working on a Patriotic Angel if I start to feel better. I have an awfully bad sore throat today & don't have much energy at all.

A few shouts outs go to Suzi for Most Wonderful Favorite blog award, Alice Stroppel for the One Lovely Blog Award, I think I am forgetting someone (I am older now), if I have forgotten you please let me know!! To Belinda at Blendastudio ; Rebecca at KneeDeepOriginals ; and Liz at Beezmiller for featuring my art in their creative & beautiful Etsy Treasuries!


Meghann said...

Belated happy birthday, that dinner still sounds delicious!!

Campbell Jane said...

Thank you Meghann!