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Monday, June 8, 2009

I Got A Monkey!

I am watching JJ three days this week! Today he climbed up the stairs for the first time. Little monkey was so proud of himself! I was lucky I had the camera ready and caught this shot of him laughing when he got to the top. He's so much fun! My hubby was right behind him but I was still a little nervous. He was fast! I took a video too. My son taught me how to use the movie maker so I've been taking videos. The movie maker could become addictive.

Yesterday was a beautiful Sunday. My hubby decided he was taking us on a picnic. He even made the sandwiches. We didn't hesitate, the 2 poodles & I hopped in the car & headed up the hill with him to Sly Park/Jenkinson Lake. It was so pretty. It's only about a 25 minute drive from the house. The last time we were up there we had a picnic in the snow and that was years ago. The dogs had a great time! We are going back soon and take the Miwok Indian trail which looked so beautiful. There are other trails up there too. We didn't walk much because of my ankle, just sat in a pretty spot, had our sandwich, watched the boats & ducks go by. Wish I could share all the pictures.

While I was up at the lake I was thinking about how fun it will be when I can get JJ some finger paints! (Right now everything goes in his mouth) That started me reflecting on how many finger paints I have had in my life and why did all the pictures have a big sun in them? haha Why didn't I get creative with them? So when I came home I pulled up my sleeves, got all messy and finger painted this with thick paint acrylic paint. Don't laugh! Finger painting isn't as easy as it seems, at least not for me anyway! "Nasturtiums in Pacifica" I was looking at my nasturtiums that are just getting started and remembered my mother-in-law's yard in Pacifica, CA. She had pretty much a big hill for a backyard and it was covered in nasturtiums. Breathtaking. That was when I fell in love with them. I love the big lilly pad looking leaves and they are easy enough for me to grow! The leaves don't get as big at my house as they do in Pacifica but I still love them. I had so much fun getting all gloppy & gooey that I may do another one! How long has it been since you finger painted?!


suziart said...

What a cutie!!! Enjoy the time with him and definitely finger paint!
Believe it or not, I just used my fingers on a painting last week and will probably do the same today!!! It was fun and the results were great!
Xo, SuZi

granmamimi said...

Oh that little monkey is so cute! It is amazing how fast they grow! In fact, I have 3 granddaughters here today ages 7,8,9! Oh my gosh, not babies anymore, They sat around the table and did art work for my kitchen door which is half glass. I love displaying their work there every season! The angels are looking down on the pictures! I know, where is the camera!!
Fingerpaint, what a great idea, I will do that with the girls next time and move them up to acrylics and brush!
Thanks for the wonderful pictures of the lake and JJ, so warm and fuzzy!

kim* said...

hahaha what a monkey :)

granmamimi said...

I want to paint, paint, paint and don't have time, time, time! Maybe in July!?
I am insipired to finger paint with the g'daughters!

storybeader said...

I'm so ignorant, but is that waterbased? It's beautiful, nevertheless. Hope you had a good time!

Campbell Jane said...

It is waterbased acrylic paint. Sticky & messy I was!

Jennifer Williams "Blueskysunburn" said...

This little guy's face just have me grinning! I'm so glad you posted it.

Enjoy your time with him!