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Monday, June 29, 2009

Is It Genetic?

At one of my Swell Sister meetings a Sister brought in postcards to share. I had to have this one! I put a magnet on the back and placed it on the frig!

A little history... (to validate my qualifications to attest to the fact that males can't find anything)...I grew up with 2 brothers, a dad who can't have anything organized & no you can't touch his piles of things, I had more guy friends than I did girlfriends (I was a tom-boy, which leads me to ponder my art...another time), raised 2 sons, married a man that had 2 fathers, & 6 brothers in total... Well today while watching my grandson I noticed the first signs of the male's inability to find something! He was playing with a spoon, put it down in front of himself, then started looking all over for it. I laughed to myself, it actually does start younger than I thought! Just the other day I tweeted about this when my son couldn't find something and ElisaAlvarado a wonderful artist I met on Twitter said that she thinks it's genetic & that ovaries are location devises. I'm still laughing about that. C'mon guys no offense but you know it's true. haha

I had so much fun today! My Doodle Bug is just a joy. I think he'll be walking before his 1st birthday next month. He lets go of tables or whatever he is holding on to & stands on his own for quite a while & has honed his navigation skills in his scooter/spaceship walker. We had fun watching the Gummy Bear video on youtube, dancing & it was so hot today we went swimming in the kitchen sink! He loves spoons. Maybe he's gonna be a chef? Hopefully I can see him again this weekend.


Jennifer said...

Too funny! I agree, it must be something genetic. Poor guys... they just can't help it. ;) Your grandson is adorable!

rkdsign88 said...

He is so adorable.
That's a beautiful postcard!

Nancy said...

That is so true! I get so cranky inside when we walk into a store and the first thing my bf does is ask someone where what we've come fore is. I'm usually rolling my eyes because they are literally right there in front of us. And the refrigerator part? I've found that if you just pretend not to hear and let them look for a second they find it anyway and quit bugging ya ;)

JEN ZONE said...

Funnny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! regarding your story of all the males in your life, Janet.

And..........the theory of the "ovary location devices."

Thanks, sweets, you made (make) my day (days) Haaaapppy!

Cute bundle of joy, your grandson is...


redkathy said...

I know what you are saying... I have two sons, two husbands(one an ex of course) and none of them can find a darn thing. I sit in the family room and direct DH while he's in the fridge!

Alterity Art said...

Oh my gosh! That is my husband! He will be searching frantically for something (after seeing it hundreds of times), call me to find it for him. Then I just have to gloat when I show him that it was right in front of his face the entire time! Sad thing, my son is becoming much the same 13!