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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Work Out While You Paint?!

Count me in! Looks like so much fun! I have been saying that I want a Wii for a while now. I mentioned it again last night to my son. His face lit up. In a flash he grabbed the remote, telling me that isn't what I want! He was going to show me what I really wanted. He was so excited. Partly because he was showing me something really cool, knowing I'd like it & partly because the thought of actually getting one in the house that he could play on was thrilling. haha The Xbox 360 Project Natal Paint Party. Check it out! Boo hoo it's not out yet but it looks like it's worth waiting for! My screen isn't as big as the one in the demo but it's a pretty big monster that takes up a lot of space. I have often complained about the big black box but I'm thinking I might be loving it now! I can invision it now... hubby..."What did you do all day? What's for dinner?" me... "Let's call for take out. I'm so tired. I've been painting all day!" hehe Party On!


Bleuh Meuh Design said...

Wooah now that looks fun, how awesome, really can't wait to see how they develop it.

Hehe thanks for sharing!

Jaime Haney aka ArtsyFartsy.Me said...

hey that's pretty cool!

Sunny Bower Art Studio said...

Oh, that is very cool! I had no idea such art tool existed, or at least will soon . Thank you for the post Jane and your son for sharing.