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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Wild Turkey!

No, it's not what you think, nothing bottled! This past week we have had a mother turkey & 5 of her babies showing up in the yard several times. The amazing thing is the dogs don't even bark or go out there. The babies are so cute. They move so fast that it's hard to get a picture or even get a picture of all of them in the same frame. Some of the backyard, (I call it the "north 40") isn't landscaped, just left natural, and it looks as though they are eating the dried sticker grass. Hope they come back and eat it all!

Apologies to my Entrecard friends for not dropping much this week. My hubby spent days working on the computer due to a nasty virus that we picked up. I am still able to do a few things but we still aren't quite sure if we have it fully taken care of. It was after dropping on a Entrecard blog that had several pop-ups that the problem began. I didn't think pop-ups were allowed but have seen several sites that have them lately. I also have been running into blogs where the page keeps loading and loading until my computer shuts down. Some I will click on & they won't open up. Anyone else having these problems?

Today I am mailing off 2 Beach Angel Originals that sold. I am working on another but having trouble being satisfied with her. I think I've changed the background 4 times now. I won't list her until I like her. It's kind of sad shipping off these angels. I've grown very attached to them, however, I know they are going to a good home. After mailing I'm off to babysit my little Doodle bug. It's going to be a fun afternoon!

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Jennifer said...

How cute to see a mom and *5* babies!! I'm sure that was an adorable sight!