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Sunday, June 14, 2009

What A Weekend!

Having a busy & fun weekend! Yesterday I made pickles & pickled peppers. Then I was off to the gallery opening. My son & a friend of mine went with me. After a few hours at the opening I dared to drive downtown to the Alley Arts to see my Swell Sisters. I had great luck in finding a parking spot & didn't hit any pedestrians or bicyclist! haha Downtown Sacramento is so alive on 2nd Saturday. The streets are full of people, music & art. Just one big party. Wish I could have spent more time down there. The gallery opening was awesome. They put out big sketch pads & crayons. I did a couple of angels in crayon which was pretty fun and I had a little crowd watching at one point. Great music too. Marco Fuoco is the gallery owner/artist but also a very talented sax player. So much fun!

Today the guys & I walked up to the car show they were having here at the park. It was over a mile one way & we spend an hour or so walking around. They had some awesome cars and it was a fun getting out, walking, spending time with the guys & looking at awesome cars. It's a beautiful day. Here's a few shots I took at the show, a few I played around with... you know me & color!


Poetic Artist said...

Looks like a fun weekend. Hope you have a good week.

granmamimi said...

Oooh, My husband would have been in "heaven" at the car show! Just his thing!