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Monday, October 6, 2008


Rain! It happened on Friday. It was wonderful but didn't last long enough for me. I didn't go walking in it or dancing in it but I opened all the windows & turned on the whole house fan and breathed it all in.

I listed some new paintings on Ebay and have been working on my large piece. I have changed their faces several times almost repainting the whole thing at times. The background has changed 3 times. I finally got them the way I want them. I think their faces now are intriguing and whimsical. Both have their own personality & their eyes follow you, all 4 of them! I did a black & white angel that is really haunting. It was a piece that I almost threw out but instead I completed it devoid of color.

1 comment:

JEN ZONE said...

Look'n good, Jana!