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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ut Oh I'm Hooked

Again! I have a million things to do and I did nothing but a little housework and lots of crochet today. Last night my son & his fiancee came over and she laid down her things, turned to me holding out her purse & said "Remember this?" It was a cute black crocheted purse with a big crocheted sunflower on the front flap & lined with tiny black & white striped fabric. It took me a minute to realize I had made that! I had made it & gave it to her when she was in high school with my son about 4 yrs ago! I had forgotten it. Then she said that she wants 4 more of them! (hum...maybe Christmas) I have to admit they are really "in" now. I am touched that she still had it! I had made the sunflower with vintage yarn and had forgotten just how cute it was. So I pulled out my big bucket of yarn scrapes and started another one, maybe for myself or maybe for my Etsy store. I have the front done... I don't see anything like them on Etsy. Time is a factor so maybe I'll just write the pattern down & sell that and let those who are also "hooked" make their own. She also asked me if I could make her a scarf with pockets. Personally I thought those were sort of granny garb but what do I know, I am fashion challenged. I had planned to make a cool scarf with a hoodie attached for myself (I love hoodies) & possibly for christmas presents but now that she mentioned pockets...hum... I may have to add those to it. Might be interesting!

I love going into Thrift Stores and finding yarn from days gone by that is in good condition. I usually have to sneak it in the house to avoid my husband's eyes rolling to the back of his head and hearing about how much yarn I already have! Actually with my huge collection of craft things obtained over the years he really hasn't complained much in the scheme of things. When I pull it out to use it I always wonder what plans the person had for it, if they ever finished it, etc... I call my vintage scrap bucket my "Lost Lots". Yarn is dyed in lots and it's very disturbing to be making something, run out of yarn, go get more that says it's the same color only to get it home and realize it doesn't really match. It wasn't dyed in the same lot. I learned my lesson the hard way & now always buy a bit extra just in case. So when buying yarn make sure the "lot" number is the same on all skeins that you buy.

Working on my artist statement for the upcoming gallery shows is driving me crazy. Writing and re-writing. I am not a writer! I don't want it to read too artsy fartsy or too simple either. I am under the gun to get it done too and I sit on the computer, or have a hook or paint brush in my hand. It's the big elephant in my room or a big dark looming cloud over my head. Answering questions like why I paint what I do is hard! What compels me? What does it all mean? Ugh! I wish someone could just write it for me!

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