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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

One Trick Pony...Not My Bubba!

Hitting a blog blank today, I asked my youngest son what should I blog about. He said me! Then showed me this video that I had no idea he had made and put on the internet. Not only is he an awesome drummer & guitarist, he's also pretty awesome with a deck of cards. When he wants to learn something he hits it with a determination that few ever have. He practices and practices, it becomes almost an obsession, until he perfects it. Growing up I never had to tell him to practice, more often I had to tell him to stop! Now I've seen almost all of his tricks, so what do I notice while watching this? My antique tablecloths nicely scrunched over to the side of course! hahaha Gotta love the baby! Bubba Mom thinks you're amazing! This is an art!

*Please mute the playlist below to listen to the video*

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