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Monday, October 27, 2008

I Have Plans!

My Pink Angel will be in the exhibit in the Pink Week Show at Tangent Gallery Nov 8th! I am also taking a painting to The Marco Fuoco Gallery tomorrow. I'm so excited & honored to be chosen!

My husband and I had planned to leave for Long Beach on Sunday but will have to postpone until Monday afternoon. I have to take the painting over to the Gallery on Monday. I am truly a fly by the seat of my pants kind of girl. If I had some vacation, I wouldn't have to plan anything out. I could get in the car and where ever I end up I'm fine with that. I'll have fun where ever I am. I don't like big planning. It's hard enough for me to plan out my day! I like a general idea of a plan. Nothing ever goes as planned anyway. Ever notice that? You plan, you create fantastic scenarios in your head of how something is going to be... does it ever turn out that way? Nope. My husband on the other hand inherited his fine planning abilities from his mother. She was a planner and he's the planner in this house. He doesn't get as disappointed and upset as his mother did when things don't go as planned, but he does get a bit agitated, then he makes new plans. I don't. It's all an adventure. I do hate being late for anything though, so if something is planned at a certain time I don't like to be late, however, if I'm there on time and the plans fall to pieces, I don't care. I must say that when our children were little it was nice having him be the planner and they are better for it too. He's planned lots of adventures for us, not all went as planned but were fun anyway. Are you a planner? or do your fly like me?

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granmamimi said...

You are a hoot! The more I read your blogs, the more I laugh LOL! You are sounding more like me everyday. Or, Me more like you! I just knew from the first time I found you and your art, there was a connection! I am going to try your Vision Board. I saw that segment also and never put it to use..but, I think because I am in my 60's I thought I might be too old! Glad the rain came..I would have run out side and run around like a child. I remember you telling me you all were in great need of rain!!!
Take pictures of the galleries and show, if you can! Want to see the art work on the wall. Again, have fun on your trip!