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Friday, October 24, 2008

A Little More OCD Wouldn't Hurt

If I could pick OCD for more things I don't think that would be a bad thing for me. I have a touch of OCD when it comes to my alarm clock. I have to check it at least 3 times before I can relax. Once to set it, next to make sure I set it, and next to make sure I didn't bump it and unset it when I checked the last time. haha But that's about it for me. I don't read horoscopes but I do know that I am a Gemini/Cancer right smack dab on the cusp. So what they say about both really does apply to me. My husband says I really do have almost 3 personalities at times. What that adds up to is a little bit of chaos and oh yes I can be moody. I make a list of things I want to get done for the day and it is so hard sticking to it. I typically run off task and do other things instead of sticking to the list. I do accomplish at least some of it per day, just wish I wouldn't get sidetracked as much. I'd like to have OCD when it comes to sticking to my list and working out. Jackie Warner and I haven't been friends lately. LOL If I mention that to my mother she might tell me the story that I have heard nearly all my life about how she lost a ton of weight by eating just popcorn one summer living at the beach, which reminds me....

I happen to catch an episode of Alton Brown's Good Eats show last week. I don't normally watch his show because frankly he's just too goofy & corny for my taste, *little pun* however, I was really glad I saw this one. I have lots of stainless steel bowls so I went straight out and bought some regular popcorn to try making it his way. (Not on the list of things to do, went anyway) Not only was it fantastic, it is much more economical that microwaved popcorn. My family loves it and it's time for a new bag already. What is really cool is that if you eat it straight out of the bowl you popped it in, the bowl stays warm and so does your popcorn. So get out your stainless steel bowls, run to the store and pick up a big bag of popcorn, then click on the link and watch the video! Maybe stop & get a movie too it's Friday night....wait! Better make a list...haha
(Please pause my playlist below to listen to video)


granmamimi said...

Wow, thanks Jane for the popcorn segment! Reminds me of the old days when I use to do the jiffy pop where the foil rose up high in the air when you popped the corn! I have got to try this method when the grands come next weekend! Never thought to use the aluminum bowl..the old pot yes..but see it this works for me without leaving a bunch of kernals!
Bless ya

Heathen's Hearth said...

Neat idea! I love Alton Brown :)