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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Reflection & Vision

Today I went to see a financial planner and put some things in order. When he wrote down that my profession was an Artist the reality of it hit me. That was the first time I have legally been identified as an Artist. My identity for the past 25 years has been Sr. Mortgage Underwriter. That's who I was. Oh sure people have told me that I'm an artist for years when they saw my work, or gifts that I gave them, etc... but it wasn't my profession, my job, my livelyhood, not really who I was or how I made my living. That simple little action made me feel strange and uneasy. After I left I began to reflect on my journey this past year. How much I have changed. How much my life has changed. How much I have learned. One year ago I had no idea what a widget or html was. How much I have grown as an artist finding my own technique and style. How many wonderful new people I have in my life as a result of my art and putting myself out there, and how rewarding life outside the cubicle can be. I'm actually living my passion which is something I never imagined I would be able to do or had the guts to do. I make only a fraction of what I am accustom to, but I am rich. I am blessed.

I will share one thing that I did this past year that I thought was wacky and didn't really think it would work, but maybe it does. I saw a portion of an Ophra show about making a Vision Board. Wish I had seen the entire show. The gist of it was to create a Vision Board, which is based on the Laws of Attraction, that is full of things you would like or like to acheive. Well I had to make one! Honestly when I set out to make it, it really was because it looked like fun and I love to cut up magazines and collage. It may have worked for the people on her show or maybe it was coincidence, I didn't think that it could really work for me but what could it hurt? I set the board on the wall to the right of me where I paint. I see it out of the corner of my eye when painting. I look at it every day. I don't always read everything I have on it but it's there and not easily ignored. Mine is mostly words and quotes. God in large letters is in the center of my board. I do have a few pictures, for instance I have a picture of Florence, Italy, somewhere I would really like to visit one day. Sorry I won't post a picture of my board because it is personal and that would feel a little bit like I was showing you a picture of my underwear. But as I reflected today on this past year, I have to say that it may have helped. I know for a fact it certainly didn't hurt. Try making your own Vision board. It's fun. Check out eHow for directions or google Vision Boards. I plan on making another one soon. God will be in the center of that one too. I guess when all is said and done, Vision Board or not, you can become who you want to be. You are who you want to be.

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