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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I'll Fly Away...

I have been working for days on this moving Gypsy Bird Box. I have been fascinated with kinetic toys lately and decided to work on something a little different.
When you turn the crank the bird goes up & down and a bell knocks and rings. I started it for the Tangent Gallery bird show but may list it on Ebay I haven't decided. It sure would make a unique Christmas gift!
It is made with found objects and bits & pieces, glue & glitter. The box is an old cigar box, the mosaic is made with eggshells, the legs are bottle caps, the top is covered with old buttons, black feathers and the crank is an old wine cork.


VinK said...

Very delightful and whimsy...:)

I nominated your blog as one lovely blog. Details is in my blog Millionminds Art

VinK said...

Sorry pasted you the wrong link,

this is the correct link
Millionminds Art

have great day, VinK

Erik said...

Beautiful work!

Gloria said...

Oh just excellent. Thanks so much for ideas. :)If you don't mind, I'll print it out to have a better look at it. Thanks a lot.