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Monday, December 15, 2008

Oh What A Night!

The Swell Sister Society gallery opening at the Coffee Garden was awesome! There were so many people that came you could hardly move around! It was so much fun! I've mention before how I am always forgetting my camera or batteries for my camera ...well I did it again! I got a few pictures before my camera pooped out. My oldest son Joe (plaid shirt)managed to get one picture of me hugging my youngest son. All you see is the back of me so I guess I'll remain a mystery for now. I hate my picture taken anyway! I was super proud of all my "Sisters" and grateful to all of the collaborative work from each to make this a great night.

I got a little shopping done today, 2 paintings mailed to Italy and 2 crocheted cuffs to Florida. I have lots more shopping to do. My husband is going to be playing 3 shows in Lake Tahoe this weekend with the Spotted Dogs so I will get the rest finished when he's up there.

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