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Monday, December 22, 2008

I'll Might As Well Consider Myself...

... On Vacation! I haven't been painting at all, I miss it, I think about it, but I haven't made time for it lately. I have too much on my mind. It's even been hard to sleep. I have doodled some things I might like to paint and they are right on top of "My Things To Do" list. haha

Today I am tired but happy because I got a lot of shopping done. Next is the wrapping...ugh...(oh yeah I've posted about my bad wrapping) I stumbled upon this Japanese method of wrapping and found it really interesting... don't forget to pause my playlist to listen...

I have one more excursion in the morning and I'm finished! Yippee! I must sound like a Scrooge but honestly I'm not. I am just a procrastinator and overwhelm myself. Every year I say I will buy something throughout the year for someone when I think they will like it and every year I don't do it. So when I do go out I am on a mission. I pretty much know what I am getting, I get it, and get out. My husband shops the same way and he occasionally accuses me of "window shopping" but he's never been shopping with my Mom! I am not a Window Shopper!

My husband & his band made it back from Lake Tahoe safely but had to put chains on to make it home. He said that the snow was about 5 ft high and it was so dry their fingers were splitting & cracking from playing music. They went and bought Krazy Glue and glued their fingers so they could play the last night. Seriously OUCH!

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