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Monday, February 2, 2009

Big Sweet Shout Outs

Happyshackdesigns purchased my little dachshund angel painting a month or so ago. What a sweet surprise to find it's little picture and a story about what it means to her on her blog. I got all choked up. My little angel is in a happy home and her story and how she feels about my art means a lot to me. She has a wonderful blog and you can check it out and her great story here.

A big thank you goes out to Minaude at Etsy for featuring one of my paintings in her lovely treasury. You can check out her wonderful jewelry here. You can see her pretty Etsy Treasury and other pretty things on her blog here.

Last Monday it was a "redneck rattle" and this Monday I made a baby sling out of an old sweatshirt. I found the directions online. Click here to see. It works pretty well but I wouldn't jog around with a baby in it but it does work pretty well for the moment. JJ was in the sling less than 5 minutes and was sound asleep. So he is sleeping away on me while I blog and list new paintings. I just listed these 2 paintings on Ebay. I can't get the pictures of the angel to come out really well they definitely don't do her justice.

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