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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Meet Ms. Lucy

Ms. Lucy is a Kitchen Angel, she oversees the corner donut shop, making sure all the glazes are just heavenly!

A print of her can be purchased on Etsy here and the original is available in my new shopping cart at the bottom of this blog!
I took pictures of the progression of this painting from start to finish. Normally I don't change the faces so many times during the process, she just took a while to come to life and let me know who she was.

My sweet son made the video for me! Thank you Bubba!He did this in minutes so now I have to learn how to do it! You will see as I said her face changes several times until she let me know who she was.

I'm feeling a little rotten today so I didn't get out to the post office and now I'm feeling a little guilty. My husband has been sick for a week now. I sure hope I am not getting what he has. ugh.


Jennifer Williams "Blueskysunburn" said...

How sweet of your son to do that for you! I thought it really interesting to see the progression of your painting. I liked seeing how you tried things and changed your mind and painted over them.

Tj Lev said...

That was really fun to watch how you progressed!! How she changed! I love your kitchen angels Jana!! Tj.