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Thursday, March 26, 2009


It's just a stage... that's what my Mom used to say. I'm sure I'm going through one of those right now because I've been in the yard for 2 days! and you know that's not like me. haha Today is really windy so I've only been out there for a few minutes to "plant" the mushrooms I made. I saw a video on how to make concrete leaves and she had done a mushroom as well. I thought the mushrooms in the yard were so cool but I don't have any concrete. What could I use to make me a mushroom? Then it came to me...easy, simple, cheap and maybe cute? maybe. I melted vinyl records! I have lots of those. (recycle/reuse) I only had brown, white, blue & copper spray paint so that's what I used. And as you can tell my yard is "woodsy"so the colors worked out well. The designs and possibilities are endless. I melted the records over stainless bowls at 250 degrees, shaped it, then painted them and stuck them on old sticks I found around the yard. I used hot glue to secure them better. They were really fun! I will probably make some more but actually paint them instead of spray painting them. If you make some of these I'm sure you will be able to come up with some really cool designs much better than mine.

Since it's really windy today I am going to finish up a painting that I started the other night which is like the Cotton Fields ACEOs. Those sold today on Etsy. The one I'm doing is on 6x6 canvas. I personally like these and think they would be pretty in my dressing area but I will be listing them. I was emailing with a buyer yesterday and she was surprised when I said I've had no art in my hallway for 15 years. She said she would have figured I would have art all over my home. I don't but since I'm in a cleaning stage - spring fever- I should rearrange and redecorate. I know I have things in some rooms that probably would look better in another. "Stage" my own house. Yeah!


Shelley said...

Hi Jane,

I love the mushrooms, but i tried to click on the picture to make it larger and couldn't...they look adorable....and, i love your art on ebay, thats where i saw you first, then i came upon your blog purely by coincendense...glad i did, i am a follower now.


storybeader said...

those are adorable! very creative!

Nancy McCarroll - Arts, Crafts and Favorites said...

What a very clever idea. That is so creative! (cute, functional, green, cool, etc. etc.!) They look authentic in your yard. Never knew one could melt vinyl like that.