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Monday, March 2, 2009

Tags and Thank You's

I was tagged by Ramblin Mama at Random Splashes of Thought! In this tag, you must post the 4th picture file on your computer and blog about it. You then tag 4 others to follow suit. When I came to the 4th single picture, skipping the folders of photos, it was this one. I hollered out "Hey Honey I have to put your skinny white chicken legs and super sexy slippers on my blog!" My husband hollered back "Ok I don't care" and then didn't even ask me what I was doing! hahaha I did tell him later. He took this picture with his cell phone then sent it to me via email when I was working in Denver for a couple of weeks year before last. The picture was suppose to make me jealous he had both poodles loving on him and not me! hahaha So here are the people I am tagging... Be sure to check out their blogs! I can't wait to see their pictures. John Wright Art, Cris Melo Art, Hayley Judith Egan and Teri Rees Wang.

A couple of big shout outs & Thank You's go to Carry The Word for featuring one of my angels in her Etsy Treasury. Check it out here and her shop here! And BusyBeads for including me in her colorful Treasury. Check it out here and her shop here!

I have to get out and go to the printer today and I will be painting later. It's a nice rainy day today. This week I am going to put together some of my originals and list them for sale. I think I am going to list them somewhere other than Etsy or Ebay, give a new site a try. I was trying to build up an inventory of originals for a possible gallery show and honestly some I haven't sold just because I love them and couldn't part with them yet, but they are piling up.




Hayley Egan said...

Ok. It's DONE. I'm still LOVING the kitchen angel. X