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Thursday, May 7, 2009

I'd Like to...

...runaway today but travel in this. Who wants to go with?

It doesn't happen too often that I'm in a funky mood/borderline bad mood but today is just one of those days. It is usually on one of these days that I do something drastic and regret it later; like cutting mega inches off my hair or dying it brown or red-which is not my natural color & not at the beauty shop either; starting a project while convincing myself it's only going to take an hour but truly it's gonna take days to finish, or groom the poodles myself... you get the picture. I have so far resisted the urge. I even drove to the corner store without my seatbelt on just to stick it to big brother. hahaha That's about as rebel as I get these days. haha I have to admit it felt good to be a little naughty.

I tried to paint today, ugh, nothing is making me smile or happy. I have been in a painting funk for weeks now. I need a muse. I am sure part of it comes from so many stressful family things that are going on lately. It may be finally getting me to me, loved ones hurting or sick, the lack of sales & phone calls tempting back into cubicle life with a big juicy paycheck. I know it's rough for everyone right now and I do honestly feel blessed that I am working from home, doing what I love and can be here for those who need me so please forgive me I'm just whiny.

I drove my son around today to put in more job applications. I have gotten him behind the wheel a few times this week so I'm making progress there. While he was filling out an application I popped into the local thrift store. I bought a hole punch for $.50. What I wanted to buy was a beautiful grand piano they had for $400. Well it could be beautiful with a little elbow grease. It was huge. My living room is huge but it would have taken up 1/4 of it and I couldn't even play it properly. I'd need some John Thompson books & lessons. Again I resisted the urge. Talk about one of those drastic things that I would later regret! haha

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sandy petals said...

I am kind of in the same mood. I just don't really want to "resist the temptation".