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Friday, May 22, 2009

Painting Willy Nilly

I've been painting a lot this week and I must say it has felt good. This little painting I did with the left over paints I had on my palette. Just painting willy nilly, she came to life and I love her. She makes me smile. Her eyes follow you & she seems a little mischievous don't you think? So I named her "Willy Nilly". I almost hate selling her. I listed her in my Etsy shop.
I went to my QAG (Quirky Art Group) meeting last night. It was lots of fun hanging out with a few of my Swell Sisters. We laughed a lot! We painted rocks with the intent on leaving them anonymously around town or keeping them for our gardens. I may now be hooked on painting rocks! My favorite is the round rock that I painted like the world with hearts "love makes the world go round". I am going to keep that one and I am thinking I will make a wire cage to put it in, with little hearts dangling from it and hanging it from one of my oak trees out back. I plan on taking some down to the creek just down the street. I will put them in strategic places so that people might spy them when they walk by. I may put a crawdad net in the water when I go too & see if I can catch any! I took this picture before I varnished them. The varnish really makes them look better.


granmamimi said...

Those are a hoot and what a clever idea to leave them around town! I will have to remember that! I haven't painted rocks in years! I might get the grandchildren to do that or even my daughters in the DOK!
Thanks for the idea!

storybeader said...

I noticed on someone else's blog, she had a bowl of polymer clay beads, that looked like stones. And I thought, what a fun idea - to paint stones!

suziart said...

Fun rocks!!! And Willy Nilly is fabulous.

SG said...

These are the most adorable things! I think the frog is my favorite, becaus I would have never thought to paint a frog on an oval rock.

Very cool!

granmamimi said...

Willy Nilly just arrived!
I love her, she is so silly!
Thanks again