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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Another Happy Place!

Introducing my brand new blog! My life is so full of color, but I also have a black & white side of life. I love black & white. Surprised? Open up my closet & drawers and that's what you'll find. It's calming to me & I need a little calm refuge! That's what this new "happy place" will be. I will be showcasing photos & links to my favorite Black & White items & fellow Artisans!

"Sometimes Things ARE just Black & White"

So I invite you to Follow me there too! If you have a Black & White item that you would like me to feature, please feel free to contact me! I'd love to see it. I will probably only be able to post once a week so I will be taking my time to really make each post creative, highlighting creative items & creative people. See you there!

The Blog Anniversary Party /drawing will be held on Tuesday May 25th. It's not too late to become a Follower for a chance to win an Original ACEO painting of your choice. I am going to be working on the festivities later. Party On!


Gloria said...

Oh I'll definitely be a follower of you B & W new blog. I can hardly wait to see it. Have a great Sunday.

Graceful Moments said...

I love black and white too! So simple, so classic, so elegant! Looking forward to seeing your first selection!

C said...

So cool. Will follow. ♥

Best wishes on your new endeavors in black and white! ♥

AZCreativeStudio said...

Great blog! I am a follower! Please feel free to leave a comment on mine!:)

Almost Precious said...

When I first tried to follow you, blogger had the followers buttons all shut wasn't just yours but everyones. I had to wait and try again. Yea ! the buttons are back and working.

I saw your post on the etsy forums about "how to get blog followers". I really like your blog and I'm now following it, hope you will help me get more followers too. :)