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Friday, May 21, 2010

In Mini Mode...

... I was cleaning up and just listed lots of ACEOs (mini paintings) in my Etsy shop that I had painted but never listed for various reasons, which may or may not include laziness. haha I figured why not just put it out there. Some things that I don't particularly like all that much, others like, so who knows.

The Sky's The Limit

ACEOs (Art Cards Editions & Originals) /ATCs (Artist Trading Cards) are great to use for trying new techniques on, to experiment on, or to see how a painting is going to look before putting it to a large canvas. I am hooked on painting these collectible cards. I prefer to paint on a small canvas rather than a large canvas. In this market that means I have to paint twice or three times as much to make as much money as a large canvas would bring. Truthfully when I first saw ACEOs/ATCs I didn't get it, but I have grown to love them. I joined a ACEO/ATC group on Facebook months ago but haven't participated in a traded yet, my bad, but I plan to. Some people keep them in journals, use them in scrapbooks, create handmade cards with them, collect them in ACEO/ATC books, but I think they are the cutest framed. I would like to do a grouping of them. Believe or not my walls have very little on them.

BIG Shout Outs & Thank You's go to AdeleBeeAnn, SmilingBlueDog, Claire's Clayware, HippopotameJewelry, Sweetybird09 for featuring my Art in their wonderful collections in Etsy Treasuries! They have some wonderful things in their shops. Just click on their names to check them out.

Next week, in honor of my 2nd blog anniversary, I'm having an Anniversary Party and you are invited! I will be giving away an Original ACEO, of your choice, as a thank you for all my Faithful Followers. So if you are not a Follower/Angel of mine yet you still have a chance to get in on the drawing!


MagicMarkingsArt said...

As always, your work is delightful!

considerthelillies said...

love the picture of the flower and bee! so cute and colorful!

Poetic Shutterbug said...

That is so cute and sweet.

AK said...

Very creative.