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Monday, May 31, 2010

Mother knows best? Humm... no that would be ...


I'm so in love and so smitten.
Love at first twinkle, first sprinkle.
How did fate not bring us together sooner?
Oh my pretty black glitter.
Now I will be daydreaming about you.
I will run away with you every chance I get,
and vow to never run out.
I will share my spare time. It's you and me together.
You have my Wheels in the Sky just a turning!
Who knows where I *we* will be tomorrow!

Big Shout Outs & Thank you's go to Paige Weasel , SnacknSnooze & AZ City Girl for featuring my art in their lovely Etsy Treasuries! It's such an honor to be chosen and very much appreciated! Thank you!


elsiee said...

YOU make black glitter sublimely GLAMOROUS!!!

Gloria said...

Oh, you make me want to buy Martha's glitter and I just may do that. Hope your day went well and I haven't had a chance to answer comments on my blog because I have been busy all day in my studio. I got done with one half of the room and feel oh so good about it. Have a great week. That glitter looks great.

Diane said...

Hi Jane--I just found you and your blog and your wonderful art (love your Etsy shop) I'll be following!!

Graceful Moments said...

Black glitter...sounds elegant and classy!

C said...

hehehehe :D this has made me giggle, Campbell Jane! :)