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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Blog gone Wild

I don't know what happened but I reposted and it didn't post it, posted something I had started the other I'll start over! Hope it doesn't post later again! So if you got this twice I'm sorry. I love umbrellas, especially colorful umbrellas. I found this umbrella the other day while looking at blogs. The Senz umbrella is suppose to withstand winds up to 70mph. It looks a little like a Star Wars umbrella to me. Although I think it's cool, and the guy holding the umbrella looks pretty sweet, I think I'll stick to my colorful ones, so what if they bent inside out! Fashion first haha

I have been painting away this week and still have quite a few more to get done. Here are a few that I have worked on this week. Some need a few more little tweeks before they are completely finished.

Tonight is the monthly Swell Sister meeting. I am going to try to leave early so I have a chance at getting a spot in the lot. Last month it was full so I parked in front of some one's house, there was no sign. When I got in the car I had a ticket for $35. I sent in the payment and received a notice yesterday that I owed $5 more! ? I had made copies so I called. The woman said the city raised the prices and it's now $40 for a parking ticket. She waived the extra $5 because it was not on my ticket, which was good. $40 for a parking ticket! ouch. Watch where you park in Sacramento!


Amerone BVBA said...


If you like to see a movie about the SENZ in a windtunnel, visit

Have fun, regards, Mike

Nothinglikeit said...

sorry to hear about the ticket - that's alot for just sitting in the wrong place. I got a speeding ticket in a small hamlet a few months ago - 16 mph over. I thought it would be a good amount but, OUCH, $180? That one hurt...LOL!

granmamimi said...

Dear Jane,
First, I love the umbrella! What a great idea!Especially for a lovely gift! It is cooler here in North Florida, if you call the mid 80's cooler, with a nice breeze! May be fall is in the air. The new angel paintings are fabulous! So different from the others! I love them. Ouch, $40 for a parking ticket in a neighborhood, wow, is it a gated community? At least you got the price dropped a little..From one end of the country to the other,

Liquid said...

I think that you should have one or more of your paintings imprinted on the umbrella. we have an idea here?

Think about it. You are soooooo colorful and full of liquid joy.
That's what I think, anyway.

Make it what you wish........wonderful!