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Thursday, September 25, 2008

In A Black Hole

I painted all day. I finished the wings & final touches on the pink angel from the last post and the final picture will go in my slide show. I did a practice run on a piece for the gallery show, something I had in my head, to see if I'd like it. This was a canvas that had already been painted. 12 x 16 & it's 1.75" thick. What's wrong with this picture? Other than it not being fully done...where's all my colors? I normally paint with lots of color and this is out of the ordinary for me! I am torturing myself over this gallery show. The kids stopped by and say I should do the same picture but do an "aura angel" and bright spring time background. I may try it on another defunked canvas.

I am finishing up another "aura angel" with an eye popping teal background that I will be listing. I listed some things on Ebay yesterday including my little pig angel. I went to search for them today and they didn't even come up in a search! What is up with that Ebay? That's very upsetting. The best match thing they started is very unfair, everyone is paying the same price to list, which is not cheap, and they are giving some preferential treatment. If someone has bad feedback then as a buyer you don't have to buy from them. Bring back the old Ebay I say.

On my beloved DVR I recorded a bunch of Rachel Zoe Project shows on the Bravo channel, stayed up late and watched them all. I hadn't seen it yet. Her assistant "Tay" is something else, that's all I'm saying. Love the new assistant with his bow ties. *Adorable* What I determined after watching for about 15 minutes is that I am a total fashion retard. Not quite an Ugly Betty (love that show) but my closet is full of black. It's the Black Hole. Surprised? Maybe that's why I paint so much color! I love black though. The show almost made me want to go shopping or sew something. I have 3 sewing machines and they are covered in cobwebs. Clothes shopping is something I don't enjoy at all. I have to really get myself psyched up for it. I get in a funk for at least 2 days after viewing myself in the fun house mirrors they have in the dressing rooms. I hate trying on clothes. But I am slowly getting paint on everything I own so I'll have to bite the bullet & go soon. It seems every year I go shopping in the fall & winter, so I never have any summer clothes but lots of winter things. I love fall & winter it's my favorite time of year.

I feel wiped out tired today. Maybe from staying up too late, but I do that a lot, so it's odd I am feeling so beat. So I missed a SS Quirky Art group meeting tonight. I just didn't have the energy to put together the things I needed to take and then drive 70 miles tonight. Oh crap I just heard my dad's voice in my head...he said "Are you taking your vitamins?"


sandy petals said...

I want this angel. Do not add color, just my address! LOL. She would be wonderful on my wall! love her love her love her!

Liquid said...

I too think she is perfect just the way she is!

And Janet, do take your vitamins!

Have a colorful weekend dear!

Tj Lev said...

The angel for the show is beautiful Jana! Yes not your typical piece but beautiful none the less! I like her. Dig out of that black hole sister... go take some vitamins I agree with your dad's voice in your head!! I always ask my kids that too when they aren't feeling good. :) Be well! Tj.

Rogalaca said...

J the white angel....she is beautiful. Don't paint overher. Just becasue you are not felling your color and relating to her doesn't mean others won't

granmamimi said...

Janet, I surely related to your feelings! I just returned from VA. Driving for 12 hours is the pits! I am getting too old for that stuff. I love the white angel, so different from your other work! She is a keeper. Now, clothes shopping, my daughter in VA is on a new kick, she shops Goodwill and you ought to see the beautiful clothes she gets for just a few dollars! Unbelieveable, guess her mother has finally taught her to be frugal! (except for buying art). I too was watching the Zoe shows last night! Wow that gal exhausts me! Love how she shops the stores for vintage clothing! And her new assistant is a hoot. Time to say goodbye to the cheesey blond. Something is telling me to return to Goodwill and Salvation Army!
Believe it or not I still have some clothes from the 60's..just trying to get this weight down to try to wear them again. They have already made full circle.
I love the pink angel. It reminds me of a strong woman..spiritually and physically..the wide neck puts forth strength! Terrific! Blessings, Mimi

Karsun said...

Wow, that is absolutely beautiful!