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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Where'd My Mojo Go?

I spent the morning running errands, then I danced for 1/2 hour to a stranger's playlist *the dogs kept giving me weird looks*, I packaged prints & cards that sold, then I forced myself to work on my collaborative projects. I have to make the exchange tomorrow evening at a SS meeting. When I force myself nothing ever comes out right. I am not even going to show a picture of it because it's just not good. My creative mojo just wasn't groovin' on that piece. I just painted in some curtains, made curlie q's on the chandalier and painted a stool that the girl is sitting on. It was a difficult piece being 10 x 20 and the angles are off. When I decided that it no longer looked like a 2nd grader did it*close but not quite*, I decided I'd work on a skull, which is part of the same project. The skull is made of sugar and has green crystal eyes set in. I had the bright idea to put some hard modeling paste on it to fill in the cracks & to cover it before I started painting, or decorating...well it wasn't too bright. It is laying on the sugar like rubber and it's kind of freaking me out to touch it. It feels like skin! Maybe it will dry harder, I'm not sure, it should be dry by now. There are some extras so I may just start over. A few Swell Sisters have done really fabulous work on the skulls. One did an Aztec theme, another used peacock feathers. I can't wait to see them in person.

Ditching those projects that I was forcing myself to do and ruining in the process, I started working on another Aura Angel on 6x6 canvas. I think this is the first pink background I've done so far. It's a little pinky purple color. I'm not liking the red on her head and will most likely change that & add a little more red on her lower cheek but other than that I think she's finished. She seems to have a sweet quiet soul. I like her hair. I wished I looked good with my hair up like that but I don't!


granmamimi said...

Janet, This angel is most unusual! I really think I like the pinkish/purple of the background. It seems to intensify her eyes. I must agree that the red on the forehead needs to be a little softened! You are a hoot, skulls with rubber paint got me laughing after communicating about an angel! My life is much happier today as hurricane Hanna has decided to sashay past us! Now I can pull out my paints that I have been neglecting so long and try to start creating! You and your other favorite blog sites have inspired me! Blessings

Liquid said...

".........It's a little pinky purple color. I'm not liking the red on her head and will most likely change that & add a little more red on her lower cheek."