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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The First Step

Yep! I did it. Took the first step and prepared a canvas for my piece in the gallery show Dec 13th. I think I am going to paint gloppy instead of thinly. See what happens. I bought several canvas so if I make a mess of it I'll just start over. The theme of the gallery show is "Gather the Women". I haven't exactly decided what I want to do yet. The canvas is a big one and I may do 2 angels on it. One looking up and one looking down. If I do something crazy, unusual or out of my norm, I would feel like I wasn't being myself, however, I don't want to be like an actor that's typecast in the same role forever either. But hey I have the canvas ready to go the first step has been taken! I finished a blue Aura Angel today and was requested to do 2 more. I also revamped the pinky purple one as well so she's finished.

I would like to give a big shout out to Shadysidefarm at for featuring my bee card in her Treasury today. She has wonderful knit & crochet items. I noticed that she sells the crochet cotton dishcloths and I love those! They are the best! One swipe..all clean. They pick up everything! I went to a garage sale once and the woman had put 2 of those out to sell for $.50. I couldn't believe it. Score! But I couldn't find it in myself to practically steal them knowing that they were a treasure! I asked her if she had used them (they were obviously new, just meant those kind of cloths). She told me that someone had made them for her and she hadn't used them. I told her how great they were and she should really give them a try, & she will thank me later, so she took them back in the house! haha I did her a big favor and I truly believe that she was thanking me later. I have a friend that asks for those at Christmas. But if you haven't tried them get yours now at Shadysidefarm! You'll thank me too! LOL So here's the very cool Bee Treasury


Lona said...

Thanks for the glowing review of crocheted dishcloths and the link to my etsy shop!


Ghost Dansing said...

i like these pictures....

Liquid said...

Dangerously thinking:

Sorrow looks down.
Worry looks back.
Faith looks up.

I ponder and thirst for your brilliance.