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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Delayed Reaction

Thank you Liquidillusions for the blog award! I have been compiling a little list of people to pass it to. Here they are: Marylou's Art Adventure A Painting A Day Maitri Libellule -Always an interesting read - I love looking at all the lovely things! - Always interesting! Love the quotes & thoughts

Please copy your award, post it to your blog, add a link to my blog & pass it on to others!

A big thank you shout out goes to EllieLee for featuring one of my beach angels in a beautiful Etsy Treasury the other day! Ellielee's shop is full of gorgeous photography & art prints. Be sure to check it out.

I have finished my commission paintings and will be concentrating on getting new things listed this week and working on paintings for the galleries. Also I was sent information on a show in Florida that puts the submitted artwork on billboards, so I may submit something for that as well, seems like fun!

Today I was emailed the one the funniest youtube videos I've ever seen! If you need a good belly laugh you must check this video out! I used to sing to chorus of Bad Moon Rising by Creedence Clearwater... "there's a bathroom on the right" hahaha I thought that's what they were saying! Of course later I find out that it's just like the title "there's a bad moon on the rise"! LOL I still get teased about that one! So when I saw this video I couldn't quit laughing! I'm still laughing !! Nice way to start the day!

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Liquid said...

Bravo! I can't wait to visit your choices!

Have a beautiful day!